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Qualities of an Effective State Board of Education representative

Before heading over to the State Board of Education elections, there are a couple of things you need to put into consideration for your desired candidate. Every parent and student wants to have a representative who cares for their welfare. Even though sometimes it’s not easy to know the right candidate, considering particular key concerns will make every genuine representative stand out.

Description of the Most Appropriate State Board of Education representative

Targets Student’s Ultimate Achievement
Every learning institution aims at equipping all students with relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in the job market. Therefore, the interests of a sound State Board of Education representative should be aligned to that.

Prioritizes ALL Students’ Needs
Since all students have different school priorities, a good representative focuses on developing strategies that cater to them all. While some love classwork, others focus on sports or drams, and that’s all okay. A representative should push on a reasonable allocation of time, funds, and personnel.

Sensitive to Return On Investment (ROI)
Part of empathy in a State Board of Education representative is always what parents gain from the money they spend on their children in school. A responsible representative takes the initiative of accountability to every parent for the best performance.

Effective management and development of working policies are best backed-up by data. And considering the State Board of Education deals with a considerable student population, representatives should demonstrate their capacity to manage the diversity in students’ socioeconomic status, race, and gender.

Jacque—the Best Choice for DC SBOE

Some of these top representative positions require an individual with impeccable competence and passion for students’ and parents’ well-being. Fortunately, DC residents now have something good to hope for. Jacque has held many service-related posts within his 20+ years of experience within the students’ welfare space.

Therefore, in the upcoming State Board of Education elections, Jacque is the perfectionist you don’t want to miss onboard!


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