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Amid Unprecedented Challenges We're

Championing Progress

Jacque Patterson, in front of The ARC in website

"Despite these achievements, our work is far from complete. Challenges such as school safety, absenteeism, and the pressing need to regain the momentum in learning growth that we witnessed before the pandemic remain at the forefront. I am driven to seek re-election, and committed to the ongoing work needed to uplift our DC public schools."

- Jacque Patterson

Key Accomplishments

In the face of a once-in-a-generation pandemic, I, alongside my colleagues and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, have spearheaded remarkable strides in reshaping our public education system. This transformation aims to create an environment that is affirming for students, supportive of educators, and accountable to parents.

Inclusive Social Studies Standards

We reimagined the District of Columbia's social studies standards, ensuring they embrace the diverse cultural and ethnic histories that our students bring to school daily. This initiative fosters a deeper understanding of differences, promoting respect for diverse perspectives and lifestyles.

ESSA Accountability Framework Overhaul

By actively engaging with students, parents, educators, and school administrators, we revamped the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Accountability Framework and Report Card. We replaced traditional grading systems with an insightful dashboard, enabling parents to make informed decisions about their scholars' education by showcasing the strengths of each public school on the dashboard.

Support for the "Green New Deal for Schools"

We took a pioneering step by sending a resolution to the Council in support of the "Green New Deal for Schools," making our district one of only two in the nation. This resolution advocates for clean infrastructure, innovative curriculums, pathways to green jobs in high school, and the creation of climate disaster plans.

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