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Working For All Students


"Together, we can build a world-class public education system capable of preparing every District of Columbia student to be successful in college and their careers.”

- Jacque Patterson

Elevate Community Voice 

For far too long, the voice of the community has been ignored on public education issues. As your At-Large State Board of Education representative, I will continue to use the position to organize and elevate the community voice around the issues that most impact marginalized neighborhoods where educational inequities have become the status quo. Serving five terms as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and as former Mayor Anthony William’s community affairs coordinator, I’ve learned that the quality of life of a neighborhood starts with the quality of education it provides its residents.  Every zip code in the District deserves a quality school.

Ensure Equitable Resources for All

As a member of the local school advisory team (LSAT) for my children's DC Public School, and in my role on the DC State Board of Education, I witnessed firsthand how the pandemic exposed the stark reality of inequitable funding across our public education system. Teachers and parents were thrust into the realm of distance learning by a system ill-prepared to ensure academic success for all students. Those already deemed at-risk have faced exacerbated challenges, amplifying the urgency of addressing issues such as school safety, absenteeism, and the need to recapture the momentum in learning growth observed before the pandemic. As we navigate the arduous path to recovery, I am deeply committed to driving the ongoing efforts necessary to elevate our DC public schools.

Retain Great Teachers

As the father of an educator, I have firsthand insight into the challenges faced by teachers when they lack support from administrators and essential resources to ensure students receive a quality education. My daughter, like many of her peers, is deeply committed to her students' success. However, she recognizes that they require more comprehensive social and emotional support to thrive academically. I am dedicated to ensuring that passionate teachers like my daughter remain in the profession by advocating for their needs on the State Board of Education.

Dismantle Systemic Racism in Policy and Practice

Systemic racism is a corrosive and widespread problem in our society. It’s especially prevalent in our schools. It’s time that the DC State Board of Education takes a deeper look at how systemic and structural racism manifests in our educational policies and practices and root them out. It is the responsibility of the next At-Large State Board of Education representative, the only city-wide representative, to bring all 8 Wards together to create an anti-racist public education system.

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