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4 Core Attributes That Make a Great Community Activist

Activism is not all about raising opinions on social media, getting likes, and gathering followers. A passionate community activist goes beyond that. They will get to the ground and address issues from a professional perspective—developing better solutions than raising complaints. They are result-driven and won’t mind going the extra mile to actuate their beliefs.

Four key attributes every activist should demonstrate.

Holistic Transformation Frameworks
Activists develop and present ideas to transform an already existing system. Whether you are a speaker for the children, parents, or the general society, you need to have well-choreographed strategies to get you there. For instance, in the State Board of Education, strategies should target every child and parent’s welfare.

Well-informed on their course
You cannot advocate for something which you have insufficient knowledge about. You must devote yourself to learning, practicing, and understanding the essence of what you are pushing for. And because we learn best through hands-on experience, a community activist will make the best in what they have worked.

Makes logical advocacies
Any successful community activist knows that significant change is not achieved in a day. It results from consistency and persistence in small steps.

Collaborative and welcomes dialogues
Part of what makes activists’ daily life is discussions and dialogues to disseminate ideas and develop logical agreements. Regardless of how educated and skilled you are, you have to table your ideas convincingly to subscribe to your thoughts. And for that case, a high Emotional Quotient is vital.

Jacque, a speaker for the Children, qualifies them all

Developing these attributes in everyday engagements is not the easiest thing everyone will do. It takes time, discipline, passion, and a high emotional quotient to demonstrate all that. And that’s precisely what your representative in the State Board of Education should have.

Luckily, Jacque is way above these. His unmatched experience in matters of children advocacy qualifies him as the best State Board of Education representative.

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