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Reasons Why Every Leader Must Be a Good Public Speaker

Communication is very critical in determining the success or failure of any institution. This communication is the only avenue to put across your ideas to those you lead, colleagues, and other board members regarding leadership. Therefore, for an engaging position like the State Board of Education representation, effective communication cannot be an option for private and public schools.

Here’s how good communication helps leaders.

Get Your Message Across Easily
The whole point of communication is passing your ideas to your desired audience undistorted. Now, as a leader and public speaker, this is what you do all day every day. That’s why all great leaders demonstrate excellent communication skills. Remember, you cannot manage a team effectively if you cannot pass your ideas.

Demonstrates Your Understanding of the Topic in Question
How can you convince your audience that you are well-versed with a topic if you cannot articulate it well? It’s only through sharing your thoughts that your audience gets to gauge how conversant you are with the subject. It’s also very vital in mobilizing people to subscribe to what you believe.

Distinguishes you from other people
Regardless of the job you do, good communication skills will always make you stand out. Not everybody is an excellent public speaker. That’s why jobs like SBE will only be best for a great public speaker—they will have a greater say on the board.

It boosts confidence
How does it feel to speak to a large audience without flinching? Great, right? As long as it is not overrated, everyone will always gravitate towards confident people. And again, this makes you more influential in your leadership role.

A public school representative must be a great public speaker!

Competitive positions, like SBE representation, require exceptional competence in communication. In most cases, when brainstorming ideas about schools’ welfare, a good communicator’s views will always take the lead. And that’s what defines Jacque, a professional public speaker and public school representative to be!

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